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:: Design Overview

e-pixel design sites that are engineered to a specific purpose. If that purpose is ecommerce, then we will design the site so users will find the site easy to navigate, find what they want and execute their purchase without a hitch. If the objective is to inform - we are experts at content organization and information architecture - so, information will be easy to find, easy to read and to understand. Whatever your goal, working together we can engineer a solution that empowers you to achieve it. We can incorporate many features into a site, including ecommerce, live operator chat capabilities, guestbook, chatrooms, bulletin boards, and even games. So begin dreaming of what a web presence can do for your company and we hope you choose Point B Web to be a part of your online future. Rest assured, whatever your web site plans Point B Web can help you get there! Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

:: Our Process

e-pixel utilizes a simple and proven Project Management process and methodology. Our standard projects are split into four phases: Requirements, Design, Development / Test and Deployment. We establish timelines and deliverables. We firmly believe that process, methodology, prioritization and communication are critical to a successful project. Having said that, our team also knows how and when to be flexible. We are also happy to work within our client's own established project practices. Project Phases Described:

Requirements Phase
As the name implies, this is where we gather your requirements. The level of detail and the length of this activity is always dependent on the size and scope of each project. We research and document information your objectives, content, corporate image and background, your market, target audience, competitors and partners. We will also have you provide us with some sample Web site addresses of site's that you like and what you like about them. Technical requirements and parameters are also documented in this phase - i.e. server platform, target browsers, etc. On larger projects, we will produce a Detailed Requirements Document that is used to layout the roadmap for the project. Smaller projects typically only require high-level documentation. Once the Requirements are defined, we will review them with you and set priorities. Prioritizing is important for making decisions throughout the project.

Design Phase
The Design Phase consists primarily of the development of a prototype or, in some cases, multiple prototypes. A prototype will normally be a static image of the overall front page design. The prototype is reviewed with you and a list of changes is produced during this review. In most cases, the changes are implemented during the development phase - i.e. when the site is being constructed. Although we will occasionally make changes and iterations to the prototype and have further review sessions, we normally discourage that in favor of an exhaustive initial review. Ongoing and excessive prototype design and review is one of the most common reasons that projects exceed time and budget constraints.

Development and Testing Phase
This is where we build your site. We will build the site based on the requirements, the final prototype and any changes or additions that came out of the review in the Design Phase. We may or may not have scheduled review points during this phase. When the site is complete, we will have an exhaustive review, noting errors, changes and enhancements.
Testing occurs throughout the development phase. Functions, scripts and pages are tested individually. When development is completed, we do our own system testing - ensuring error-free pages and scripts. Once we conclude our initial testing, you are given access to our test server and client testing begins. This is a one or two cycle stage of fixing and verifying.

Deployment Phase
When the site has been built and tested, we will upload the files or deliver them to you, whichever you prefer. We then test everything and make sure all is still in working order. With applications and web databases we require a host server before deployment. You will also have another opportunity to request minor text revisions and tweaks. Once your site is live, we do not stop there. We will continue to monitor, test and make any requested minor changes for up to 30 days after launch. We also go to work implementing any optional search engine optimization and positioning you purchased. :: Bottom Line We have a process that enables us to complete projects on time and on budget. We communicate issues with our clients and we are flexible. Client Satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we never lose sight of that! Contact us today for a no obligation quote.
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